It is a nice / cheaper and most awesome handcraft. Its 100 percent handmade without using any machine. Have a high quality (Only one or two unit produced per month to care about its quality)


    We have an experience to make a nice design of any service listed above. Depend on how you want, what you need to included on your material and of course with a superb price! cheaper and satisfied! :-)


    We also produced a nice hand bag! with 9 different design..Obviously it is a heaven for bag lover! :-) each design have their own shape and unique characteristic..and what most awesome..ALL is for RM60 - Rm 70 only!


    Whatever yours, your family @ friends wedding concept, we will try our best to make a most suitable gift for your visitors! that can be memorable gift at a special day. Its depend on customer budget, how, when and what? it totally based on yours! :-)


    The Sony Brand speaker for both (front and rear) is in stock. It is a limited stock. It fits many car application by 100% Flat and Easy Fit Structure. H.O.P cone water and HOLD (High Density Layered Diaphgram), tmeeter for great linearity, smooth response and deep bass. The specification for Both type of speaker is shown below.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Assalamualaikum peeps! :-D

      I'm aware that because this blogshop is new, obviously most of you will take a few times to understand how we make a deal, do a selling, do a material sending, and steps to order! Most of you also maybe will ask me, when or where the best time or place to check a new updates. So, for this post, i dedicated this post for our beloved readers. Any questions can directly contact me or just click the link FAQ here.

       All material or service that we offered have including under T&C apply. So, you need to understand clearly what is our T&C. No need to have a headache or spend a long time to read it. Just understand a point and i'm sure you will be understand enough :-) . In this blogshop, the article are divided in two parts: Products and Information article. So, to find more information about any items that you want, just click this tab : OUR PRODUCT or OUR SERVICE. Other than that, you all also can click the link provided in any article or sidebar related to product.


Assalamualaikum all,

     Hye readers! Most of my friends are already working, and some of them cant find a suitable job yet. So, today i would like to share an improtant tips, maybe for some people who didn't know that resume is our FACE in interview. Yes! personalities during interview is important but resume is 50 percent more important than that :-) Why? It is the first material received for interviewer and it also like a diary or good story teller for us! Most of the time, job seeker ignore the most important piece during a job hunt: the resume. Many jobseekers would write the resume based on "as-a-matter-of-fact"; or "it's just a procedure"; manner. The truth is, the effort you spend in producing a powerful resume will turn out a surprise to you: a higher salary, a better working environment, a higher position etc.

Sunday, July 17, 2011



      Hye all..finally, i can launch my first blogshop given a name MEGAH NAFIQ SHOP. Although it is a bit late, i satisfied to announce for our beloved client that MEGAH NAFIQ ENTERPRISE official blogshop is done. Surely, i'm now feel a bit blurry,what i want to wrote huh? it is only to promote my product? hee..so, i'm decided apart sharing about our service, this blog also will share an info with the readers. Full of tips, news, or info about business world while you all can "cuci - cuci" mata with my product ya..I'm ask a little kindness from you all to share about this blog ya! hehe..

      So, enough with the "mak nenek" introduction :-D Now, i will explained a bit about my company. MEGAH NAFIQ ENTERPRISE is a dealer and advertising company. Recently, we also sell a few material since our networking have a steady growth. So, other than focus on advertising and dealing we also do some selling to meet our client expectation. The list of our product that be provided by us can be seen below. This is a simple explanation, if u want to get more info about the product that catch on your eye, you just click the link provided ya :-)


    Nuffnanger Macam Korang!

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